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The problem is that it’s difficult for a general contractor to leverage the power of online marketing to get more customers especially when the competition is really stiff. And its even more difficult when they would much prefer to be working and making money.

And the good news is that it doesn’t have to be difficult if you have got the right strategy. There really are millions of people using the internet every day with mobiles and tablets and what’s important is zoning in on the right kind of content to put online and focusing on achieving the best reputation possible to grab attention and gain more customers. Setting up a website is very easy but online marketing has changed and having a website is not enough anymore to get potential customers.
So, how does a contractor leverage the power of online marketing? We like to give a few specific principles:

TIP # 1Reputation is critical. Customers want to know they’re in good hands and these days they really research online to find out what type of reputation your business has. Amazon and TripAdvisor changed all that with their 5 star rating and review system. Oh and let me tell you now, putting up a few photos of what you did for previous customers is old hat and also doesn’t convince customers anymore.
TIP #2–Make sure you always have engaging content and keep people excited about your newest services, remind them of all services offered and let them know about any promotions you are offering.
TIP # 3 Accessibility and flexibility reinforce how flexible and accessible you are. Customers want to know that they have a general contractor that is available when needed, and that they are close by.

Our expertise is reputation and mobile marketing and we focus on helping local businesses build a 5 star reputation to get more customers and make more sales online. For those that want to learn more they can go to where they can get our free reputation report and learn how to build a successful business online or they can call us at 0208 144 7079.
We are happy to help, because the market has shifted and its important for business owner to stay ahead of their competitors.

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